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Due to the rather limited size of our shop, our inventory is quite small.  However, through our suppliers we have access to hundreds of thousands of titles and are willing to place special orders for anything that is currently available.  We pride ourselves on tracking down hard-to-find releases.  To make the special order process as streamlined as possible please find out as much about the release as you can (artist, title, label, even catalogue numbers if possible) in advance.  However, even if you only know the artist, title, or song name we can still track almost anything down.  Furthermore, we have many tools to help in the process, including up-to-date supplier catalogs and general knowledge of what's available.  Special orders may be placed in person or over the phone; all we require is your name and contact information.  We will call you when the special order arrives.

Last updated on June 21, 2007 by soundscapes