past in-store performances

Bruce Peninsula live at Soundscapes, 01/04/2009
Photo courtesy of Frank Yang (Chromewaves)

In the past, we have been fortunate enough to host many of our favourite musicians, both local and from around the world. We've even had a few book signings. Here's a close-to-complete list of the in-stores Soundscapes has hosted so far (our dating methods improved around 2004...), not to mention some not-so-hidden photos and videos. If you know any of the missing dates, please feel free to contact us so that we can add them to our site. Enjoy!

──/──/200? Buck 65 (Halifax, NS)
──/──/200? Constantines (Guelph/Toronto, ON)
04/27/2002 Royal City (Guelph/Toronto, ON)
08/01/2002 Badly Drawn Boy (Manchester, UK)
──/──/200? Jim Guthrie (Guelph/Toronto, ON)
──/──/200? Gentleman Reg (Guelph/Toronto, ON)
──/──/200? Deep Dark United (Toronto)
──/──/200? Immortal Lee County Killers (Nashville, TN)
──/──/200? Neil Halstead (Newquay, UK)
──/──/200? Toschak Highway (NYC/London, UK)
──/──/200? Steve Wynn (NYC)
──/──/2002 Broken Social Scene (Toronto)
──/──/200? Stars (Montreal, PQ)
──/──/200? FemBots (Toronto)
──/──/200? Brian Jonestown Massacre (Los Angeles, CA)
09/12/2003 Jim James-My Morning Jacket (Louisville, KY)
09/15/2003 Gruff Rhys-Super Furry Animals (Cardiff, Wales)
──/──/200? Quadraped (Toronto)
──/──/200? Portastatic (Chapel Hill, NC)
──/──/200? Fruit Bats (Chicago, IL)
──/──/200? North Mississippi All Stars (Hernando, MS)
──/──/200? Eleni Mandell (Los Angeles, CA)
──/──/200? Monks-book signing
──/──/200? Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto)
04/29/2003 Matthew Barber (Toronto)
──/──/200? Sondre Lerche (Bergen, Norway)
──/──/200? Chris Brown & Kate Fenner (Brooklyn, NYC/Toronto)
03/05/2004  Detective Kalita (Toronto)
03/05/2004  Andrew Vincent (Ottawa, ON)
03/06/2004  Nathan Lawr (Toronto)
05/18/2004  Feist (Toronto/Paris, FR)
05/20/2004  Tim Posgate (Toronto)
06/02/2004  Sixtoo (Montreal, PQ)
06/29/2004  Iron and Wine (Florida/Texas)
07/24/2004  Howie Beck (Toronto)
08/29/2004  Apostle of Hustle (Toronto)
09/14/2004  Lily Frost (Toronto)
09/21/2004  Junior Boys (Hamilton, ON)
10/02/2004  Deep Dark United (Toronto)
10/08/2004  Bob Wiseman (Toronto)
10/17/2004  Peter Elkas (Toronto)
11/18/2004  Royal Wood (Toronto)
01/25/2005  Ken Reaume (Toronto) & Otto Hauser-Espers/Vetiver (Philadelphia, PA)
02/05/2005  Greenfield Main (Ottawa, ON)
02/12/2005  Justin Rutledge (Toronto)
03/05/2005  Harris Newman (Montreal, PQ)
03/06/2005  A Girl Called Eddy (NYC)

03/13/2005  Jens Lekman (Gothenburg, Sweden)
03/31/2005  Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto)
05/05/2005  Roots Manuva (South London, UK)
05/19/2005  Johnny Dowd (Ithaca, NY)
06/10/2005  The Old Soul (Toronto)
06/26/2005  Julie Doiron (Moncton, NB) & Snailhouse (Montreal, PQ)
06/28/2005  The Most Serene Republic (Milton, ON)
07/26/2005  Cuff The Duke (Oshawa, ON)
07/28/2005  Ray LaMontagne (New Hampshire)
08/15/2005  Jon Rae and the River (Toronto)
09/01/2005  The Greenhornes (Cincinnati, OH)
09/15/2005  FemBots (Toronto)
09/25/2005  The Deadly Snakes (Toronto)
10/01/2005  Elliott Brood (Toronto)
02/05/2006  Matias (Toronto)
03/05/2006  Howe Gelb (Tucson, AZ)
04/14/2006  Jana Hunter (Houston, TX)
05/04/2006  The Concretes (Stockholm, Sweden)
05/21/2006  The Creeping Nobodies (Toronto)

06/20/2006  The Hylozoists (Toronto)
08/08/2006  Andre Ethier (Toronto)

10/05/2006  FM3 (Beijing, China)

10/27/2006  Kid Koala (Montreal, PQ)
03/04/2007  El Perro Del Mar (Gothenburg, Sweden)

03/09/2007  Wayne Petti (Oshawa, ON)
03/13/2007  Of Montreal (Athens, GA)
04/15/2007  Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto)
04/22/2007  The Phonemes (Toronto)
05/27/2007  33 1/3 series: Trout Mask Replica book launch
06/10/2007  Andrew Rodriguez (Toronto)

06/26/2007  Andre Ethier (Toronto) & Rick White (Moncton, NB/Toronto)
08/28/2007  Mark Olson (Los Angeles, CA)

09/14/2007  Jah Youssouf (Mali, Africa)
09/19/2007  Basia Bulat (London, ON)
10/16/2007  The Old Soul (Toronto)
10/18/2007  Sandro Perri (Toronto)
10/28/2007  Tunng (London, UK)
11/13/2007  Andy Swan (Toronto)

11/24/2007  The Acorn (Ottawa)

02/19/2008  Jeffrey Lewis (New York, NY)

03/05/2008  Bon Iver (Raleigh, NC/Eau Claire, WI)

03/06/2008  Immaculate Machine (Victoria, BC)
03/08/2008  Laura Barrett (Toronto)
03/09/2008  Forest City Lovers (Toronto)
04/12/2008  Tall Firs (Brookyn, NY)

04/24/2008  Peter Moren (Stockholm, Sweden)
04/27/2008  Born Ruffians (Toronto/Midland, ON)
05/10/2008  The Priddle Concern (Toronto)
05/23/2008  Eric Chenaux & Ryan Driver w/ Skins (Toronto)
06/25/2008  Feuermusik (Toronto)

09/25/2008  FemBots (Toronto)
10/05/2008  Women (Calgary, AB)
11/04/2008  The Bicycles (Toronto)

01/15/2009  Timber Timbre (Toronto)

02/04/2009  Bruce Peninsula (Toronto)

02/10/2009  The Hylozoists (Toronto)

02/21/2009  Alela Diane (Nevada City, CA)

02/24/2009  Gentleman Reg (Toronto)

03/28/2009  Howie Beck (Toronto)
04/14/2009  DD/MM/YYYY (Toronto)
05/22/2009  Woods (Brooklyn, NY)
05/27/2009  Dog Day (Halifax, NS)
06/06/2009  BidiniBand (Toronto)
06/17/2009  Ohbijou (Toronto)
06/24/2009  Sunparlour Players (Toronto)
06/28/2009  33 1/3 series: XO book launch
10/16/2009  Two Hours Traffic (Charlottetown, PEI)
10/28/2009  Shotgun Jimmie (Sackville, NB)
11/08/2009  The Henrys (Toronto)
11/17/2009  The Rural Alberta Advantage (Toronto)
12/02/2009  Evening Hymns (Toronto)
02/13/2010  Treat Me Like Dirt book launch
02/14/2010  Woodpigeon (Calgary)
02/16/2010  Basia Bulat (Toronto)
03/06/2010  Zeus (Toronto)
04/19/2010  White Hinterland (Portland, OR)
04/26/2010  Daniel, Fred & Julie (Sackville, NB/Welland, ON)
05/09/2010  Broken Social Scene (Toronto) 
06/13/2010  tUnE-yArDs (Montreal, PQ/Oakland, CA)
08/04/2010  The Morning Benders (Berkeley, CA)
08/10/2010  Forest City Lovers (Toronto)
09/23/2010  The Golden Dogs (Toronto)
09/28/2010  Lost In The Trees (Chapel Hill, NC)
10/16/2010  The Drums (Brooklyn, NY)
10/17/2010  Avi Buffalo (Long Beach, CA)
10/26/2010  PS I Love You (Kingston, ON)
11/23/2010  Steven McKay + Doctor Ew (Toronto)
02/12/2011  Bonjay (Toronto)
03/03/2011  Snowblink (Toronto/San Francisco, CA)
05/10/2011  One Hundred Dollars (Toronto)
05/13/2011  Miracle Fortress (Montreal, PQ)
05/24/2011  Jennifer Castle (Toronto)
05/31/2011  Doug Paisley (Toronto)
06/13/2011  Little Scream (Montreal, PQ)
07/19/2011  Eleanor Friedberger (New York, NY)
07/23/2011  Have Not Been The Same: 10th Anniversary Edition book launch
08/24/2011  The War On Drugs (Philadelphia, PA)

08/30/2011  The Weather Station (Toronto)
10/04/2011  Bruce Peninsula (Toronto)
10/06/2011  Cuff The Duke (Toronto)
10/07/2011  Ohbijou (Toronto)
10/15/2011  Fresh at Twenty: The Oral History of Mint Records book launch
10/18/2011  Tasseomancy (Toronto)
11/01/2011  LouCANON (Toronto)
12/01/2011  Eucalyptus (Toronto)
12/06/2011  Doug Tielli (Toronto)
01/24/2012  John K. Samson (Winnipeg, MB)
03/15/2012  Mike O'Neill (Halifax, NS)
05/19/2012  Michael Kiwanuka (London, UK)

10/13/2012  Everybody Has Everything book signing/reading
01/16/2013  Wavelength 13: Andre Ethier + Laura Barrett (interviewed by Carl Wilson) (Toronto)
04/26/2013  Emilie Mover (Toronto/New York, NY)
05/01/2013  Hopeful Monster (Toronto)
09/06/2013  AroarA (Montreal, PQ) (w/ Leslie Feist & Daniela Gesundheit)
08/21/2014  Bahamas (Toronto) (w/ Felicity Williams & Christine Bougie)
09/30/2014  Buck 65 (Toronto)
10/18/2014  The Wooden Sky (Toronto) 
09/24/2015  Xylouris White (Anogeia, Crete/New York)