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Well, since you asked...

When you are thinking about the packaging for your next independent release, do yourself a favour and don't put it in a slipcase!  It may be the simplest and cheapest option, but you'd be surprised how much value there is in having a spine on your package.  Your album may look terrific from the front, but once it's filed in with hundreds of other discs, it becomes totally invisible!  This doesn't only apply to shops such as ours - ask any radio station librarian what they do with spineless discs, and you'll find it's to your benefit to get three-dimensional!

Besides, putting together a short-run independent release is the perfect time to get creative with the packaging - come by the shop sometime and check out some of the adventurous solutions some of the artists in our independent section have come up with!

Last updated on May 30, 2010 by soundscapes