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It's not easy to take old tricks and make them fresh and newin music, you're considered a revivalist if you try to sound like a relic from the past, and, unfortunately, it's always worded with a negative connotation. Austin's White Denim take their inspiration and sounds from high-intensity psych-rock, bluesy British proto-prog and XTC-esque pop hooks, mixing it all together with a reckless abandon that makes the listener want to dance around the room like an excited 5-year-old. Nothing is held back here, but that doesn't mean it's not well-planned. Fits starts out full-tilt; the first few tunes rock hard, but also twist and turn, with gonzo time changes balanced with melodies that don't alienate the ears. By four songs in, you kind of settle into an understanding that this is one challenging party record, but who doesn't like to learn and have fun at the same time? Towards album's end, the trio starts to unleash some well-written pop singles, as well as one jam that can't not have been influenced by fellow Texans ZZ Top (and to top it all off, a bonus disc of the group's previously Europe-only debut Exposion is also enclosed). I've been waiting a long time for a band like White Denim to exist. Thanks, guys!

(White Denim perform at the Horseshoe on Mon. Nov 9.)

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