Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 10:00AM
soundscapes in Pop/Rock, Psych/Garage

It's been well worth the waits (both that little twenty-two-year-long one, as well as the initial short-lived limbo regarding whether or not retailers would even be able to stock this, or if it would just be a direct-mailorder-only item), as m b v delivers not only initially, but even more upon further listens, opening itself up to reveal as many details as one could have hoped for the more often one dives in.

"The nine songs divide neatly into three mini-albums. The first three explore the feedback drone of Loveless and Glider. The next three are the pop tunes; the final three go for aggro punk. Any 20-second stretch would be identifiable as My Bloody Valentine, yet every track holds surprises – the pulsing guitar strobes of 'In Another Way,' the way oceanic guitar waves suck your body into the speakers on 'Wonder 2.'" - Rolling Stone

"After an absence of more than 20 years, it's the most aggressively amniotic stuff going. Lead track 'She Found Now' picks up more or less where Loveless left off, with Valentine-in-chief Kevin Shields crooning, guitars flanging, and an urgent aortic throb underpinning all the gauziness. You can imagine fans punching the air at this point, in the blessed relief that this long, long, long-awaited album doesn't induce a desire to kick the cat in disappointment." - The Guardian

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