MGMT - Congratulations
Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 05:00PM
soundscapes in Pop/Rock

It's a pivotal scene in Revenge of the Nerds VIII: The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth. The Alpha Betas are super-pumped to be holding a frosh week kegger bash. All the smokin' hot Pis are coming—and those nerds from Lambda Lambda Lambda are going to be too busy cleaning that cow manure from off their common room ceiling to make it. Score!

Even better, Ogre (who is now the Dean of Students) swears he's secured a “big time dance-pop crew” to play the party. Nice! Sure enough, the night is bangin’! Everyone's primed and Alphas and Pis are pairing up to work on some post-party "extracurricular credits"—and it's concert time!

Hold on...what the hell? That's not dance-pop!! It sounds like...some weird scene in an Austin Powers film. And a little like that Yes record my dumbass younger brother played me over the summer. And was that last song really twelve minutes?!?! Who are those guys anyway?

Oh no! NO!!! It's those two new Tri Lambs, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden!! And am I dreaming...but the Pis actually like it! They're actually dancing to this geekfest. "I'm in love with a nerd!!" screams one swooning sorority beauty as she does the monkey to the climactic breakdown in some song called "It's Working."

"I told you this would work!" laughs Ben, oblivious to the three football captains waiting sidestage to pummel their heads. “Yeah,” says Andrew with a wide grin, “maybe we can have it both ways after all!” 

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