AKRON/FAMILY - Love Is Simple (limited w/ DVD)
Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 09:00AM
soundscapes in Folk/Singer-songwriter

akron%20family-love.jpgLeave it to this enigmatic foursome to title their latest in a way that is both succinct and endlessly open to interpretation. At their core, this is a group of extremely proficient neo-hippies with a mandate to "love, love, love everyone" that is hopelessly saccharine. It's the spiraling, shapeshifting creativity and intuitive interplay of these guys that not only kills the gag reflex, it sends your arms wide on a collision course for the nearest hug. With references to free jazz, tribal chants, classic rock, and prog folk, this record is about fifty "eureka!" moments sewn consecutively into an engaging, human tapestry.

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