CULTURE - Two Sevens Clash (30th Anniversary Edition)
Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 08:59AM
soundscapes in Reggae
culture-two%20sevens.jpgOne of the year's most important reissues, this album was a milestone for roots reggae. Though about the impending apocalypse (expected by Rastafarians in 1977, or when "two sevens clashed"), the spirit of the music is never weighed down by brooding introspection. Instead, the album is a devout celebration of faith so impassioned that it found a home in the most unexpected of places: punk rock England. Aside for being the inspiration for the name "The Clash", Culture's music helped cross oceans, religions and colour barriers to initiate a love affair with reggae that shook popular music in profound ways. A welcome edition of a timeless work.
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