UNWOUND - Leaves Turn Inside You
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 02:15PM
soundscapes in Pop/Rock

unwound-leaves%20turn.gifOne of my faves from 2001. A 14-track double album, this was the seventh album by Olympia Wash. art-punk trio Unwound and it represented a dramatic shift away from start-stop, screaming aggression toward an ever-evolving patchwork of many styles. While all of the songs fit loosely under a melancholic umbrella, the songs vary from single-note drones, post-rock crescendos, pounding rockers, and psychedelic pop explorations. Sadly, Leaves also proved to be the group's swansong, but like Refused's The Shape Of Punk To Come, it's kinda difficult to dispute going out on such a high.

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